Polyphonic Prayers

by The Love Orchestra

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'Polyphonic Prayers' is a digital LP release from The Love Orchestra featuring a highly rich, warmth-oriented sound delivered directly from cold, lifeless electronic equipment; produced by a cartoon character.

Produced in part as a video concept record, 'Polyphonic Prayers' will include four separate video pieces and 11 tracks in total.


released April 28, 2016

Produced by Psyche Waddell and Nic Newman in the OIC Labs, January-October 2015.



all rights reserved


The Love Orchestra Toronto, Ontario

From cirQlar to the ElMo, Burning Man parties, Dubslingers, Harvest Festival and Bass Culture, The Love Orchestra has been tied into the vibe of Toronto's underground music scene in various incarnations for more than 4 years. Original music with bizarre mystical vibes to the heaviest underground beats, paired with dance, live violin, harmonic vocals and live synths. ... more

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Track Name: "Hello, World!"
'You had me, at hello.'
Track Name: The Greedy Song
Remove the element of inhibition,
Too forward, never got so behind -
Despite the interest in our resignation;
She'll look to the other side.

Another Craft of this manipulation,
Dragged out, for a public display.
Lips sealed, Eyes Wide Shut,
Tomorrow's coming out of yesterday.

And I,
All the things.
Track Name: Une, Deux, Trois
One, Two, Three,
Can't seem to count the beat
There's something that I can see,
That's grown out of you and me -

In all her frivolity,
Gave us an extra dose -
Just what we needed most.

Une, Deux, Trois,
Je n'ecoutez-pas,
J'taime et vous aussi,
Nous faire un petit partie

Une, Deux, Trois,
Je ne me souviens pas,
Je suis avec amant,
Je pense que nous entamant.
Track Name: Lipstick
When I got home,
My mama told me,
That there was nothing left, but

I got a message,
All wrapped in red,
That I should spend my life just loving instead.

Opened a window,
Into my mind -
I got creative, and awaited a sign;
Then she approached me -
Coming from the East,
And I surrendered to the march of the beat.

She's got the lipstick,
Cute hips and eyes;
The kind of girl that makes you tremble inside.
Fishnet stockings, that gypsy bling -
She's got my mind stuck on particular things.

And I don't think I can make it, with or without you.
And I don't know I can shake it, babe, I'm all about you.
Track Name: Psyche
I lost myself again last night.
I lost myself.

I lost myself, behind the
Crystalline structures in front of me.

I left it all behind the veil.
I let it go.

I sold my soul,
Didn’t miss a thing.

Rejected by heaven;
Thrown out of hell.
When you betray your own people,
You don’t sleep at night so well.

And I, do -
What I want, to.
I would hope the same for you,
And I wish this alone were true.

And I, do -
What I want, to.
I would hope the same for you,
Because I love all of the things you do.
Track Name: Sunshine (The Alchemical Marriage)
You are invited to the Union of the Soul and Heart;
It is the fusion that defines us in this Sacred Art.
Magick is yielding into Union, showing us how and where to start.
But knowing balance, means -
Also knowing what it is to fall apart.

Worship the sun -
You know, it shines on everyone.

Care for the moon -
It follows the Path, that leads us through.

Why you waiting for the world to awaken,
When you could be going for some merry-making;
Go out with your friends and ask what’s shakin’.
Track Name: Friends With Benefits
I could see you at the centre of my mind,
If only I found the time,
For the perfect rhyme, divine.

I could take you higher than the sky -
The sky -

Stitch together my heart,
And my mind.
Take me overnight.
Track Name: Boston
You’ve become you,
Because the Beast inside is working through.

Consuming all the company we keep;
Laying waste to the wasted tears we weep.

A theatre unto ourselves,
Reflecting what we Will,

The audience could give a standing ovation;
If witness stood among them.

The smile’s the same as the tear;
Your joy, someone else’s sadness.

Are you sure this person exists?
Are you sure this person is here?

We’ve become us,
Because hunger drives us forward.

So long as we have teeth,
Our blood will show from underneath.

Are you sure this person exists?
Are you sure this person is here?

Are you sure this person exists?
Are you sure this person will last?
Track Name: Strange Daze
Strange, Days -
Living in the dream,
Where the Dreamer left.

Strange days,
Tipping to the point, where we never met.

And we are, our own, expectations.
And we are, our own fulfillment.

And we are, our own philosophy.
You get, free.

Strange days…

She’s got tears made of,
Rainbows and sunshine.

She’s got years, upon my genius,
In my mind.

I took my time,
And prepared my Grand Design.

She took her life,
And she promised it to mine.